The Story of Film Interchange

Jenn Mello is the Founder/CEO of Film Interchange, an indie film producer!

Okay so yea, cool, great...but what does that mean? 

It means I'm PASSIONATE about film!  I'm PASSIONATE about visual storytelling as a vehicle to connect humanity. I'm PASSIONATE about YOU! Are YOU ready to be pushed past your limits? Are you ready to create a LIFE of your dreams to ensure a career of massive impact? If so, I WANT TO HELP YOU! 

If not, that's cool too. Let me know when you change that mindset. I'll be here when you get back! ;)

As a former Actress, I felt like the hired help on film sets. I'd get to my gig and say "Wait...what's that dude doing over there?" "Oh...and who's this chic with the boom?" "And why do they seem to be a part of a party that I've just now been invited to?"

So I got curious...

I got curious about who the "team" of filmmakers were, and how long they'd been working on this project that I had clearly joined at the eleventh hour! (And here I thought Acting was the cream de la cream! Little did I know what happened before I snagged the gig!)

It was at that point that I met with the incredible Michael Roderick (mentioned under the About Tab) of Small Pond Enterprises

Michael sat me down one afternoon in a coffee shop and asked me THE question that changed my life...

He said: "Jenn, what is it you want to do?"

At that point I knew I wasn't who I previously was. My Actress/Singer self was starting to change. I was staring to ask broader questions. I was Starting. To. Shift...

He then asked the question that changed my life. 

He said:

"Jenn, look to the industry in which you want to be a part, find a hole, and fill it!"

So I thought to myself..."I'm curious. I'm curious about the process of filmmaking! If I'm curious about how a film is made from concept to screen, certainly others would be too! 

Holy Wow I was right! People are hungry! Filmmakers are hungry! Why? Because this game is HARD! Information and community is paramount to success! 

With that Film Interchange was born! With that sentence I became an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is still the number one hat which I consider myself to wear! I needed to learn BUSINESS to help the filmmakers I decided to serve! 

I say DECIDED with gusto! I made a choice. A bold choice, to learn everything I could and put myself out there for the greater good of helping others! Filmmaking may be your passion...It may not be your passion. BUT whatever your passion, I urge you to serve those around you! You'll never find greater joy!

But I digress...

In an instant I went from seasoned actress/singer Jenn Mello, to fierce unstoppable, inquisitive, hungry, lady child looking to absorb everything she could possibly learn about how to build a business! 

The topic: Filmmaking!


I BELIEVE in the power of visual storytelling! I BELIEVE in the necessity of bringing our stories to life! To tell stories is to connect. To tell stories is to walk in the shoes of another! To tell stories is to look to your fellow human and say "Hey, I get you...I didn't get you...but now I get you! Thank you for sharing your truth! Thank you for sharing your circumstance! Thank you for silencing my fear. Thank you for teaching me friendship. Thank you for making me laugh. Thank you for making me love. Thank you for helping me to see outside myself, my life, my circumstances, my upbringing, my socio economic standing, my job title, my corner of the world, my limited beliefs....Thank you! Thank you for all that you are. All that you'll be. All that I am. All that we are. We are!" 


So what am I working on? 

Outside of LIVE Film Interchange events with esteemed Thought Leaders & webinars with Film Experts, I produce my own films! How can I serve you if I don't make films myself? 

As you can imagine, as an actress turned entrepreneur I was learning many skills all at once. It took about .5 Seconds before my followers started asking me to produce their projects! 

That's when more personal growth was expected of me! 

So I dove in, learning everything I could! 

At the center of Film Interchange I had a luxury that many filmmakers do not, and wowee do I consider it a privilege! 

What is that privilege?

I get to have my pick of projects! If a script, and more importantly, a team of filmmakers inspires me...I get to choose that project! It has been endlessly rewarding!

My current projects include:

The New Americans (Now called Amber) : Directed by Heidi Miami Marshall

Make Me Blush: Written by Gina Gadjosik

And 2 more secret projects! Very excited to reveal in time!



As an Entrepreneur/Film Producer who's life mission it is to serve the filmmakers in whom she's dedicated her life to, it has become paramount to find way to help my film community create their BEST POSSIBLE LIVES! If you're not fulfilled, your films don't get made! If you're not fulfilled, you don't know how to move forward! If you're not fulfilled your dreams become impossible!

It's my mission to make your dreams possible! It's my mission to make your life possible! It's my mission to make YOU be the absolute BEST you can be! 

So I focus on the Holistic Filmmaker! I focus on helping you with all things YOU so that you can deliver your stories to the world in the most efficient, cost effective way with time on your side...not against you!

I do this by hosting webinars on personal finance!

I do this by creating opportunities for you to SAVE money so you can spend it on your films!

I do this by inspiring you to move...FAST!

I do this through Film Interchange,

Through producing...

Through my weekly webinars with Legal Shield under the Webinar tab...

I do this through Passion, love, heart and Joy! 

Let's get your films made while creating the LIFE of your dreams! 

Below find the "Text Book" version of my bio! 

At her seasonal events, which are live streamed, Mello elicits the guidance of Film Industry Thought Leaders who have forged their own way towards lucrative, successful and prestigious film careers.  Speakers have ranged from Sundance Grand Jury Price Winners to the Weinstein Company and the former VP of Disney.

Mello takes the utmost interest in all of her members, ensuring that they have a place to go for guidance and career enhancement. The purpose of Film Interchange is to inspire working filmmakers to DO MORE!

As a producer, she is currently working with Johnny Sanchez on his script The New American's (Now Called Amber) directed by Heidi Miami Marshall. Additionally she has 3 other top secret films in her pipeline. All will be revealed in due time! Why the secrecy? Well, as all good producers know we don't disclose until it's time to disclose. It's all in the negotiations. Stay tuned. It's goooooood! 

Jenn came to filmmaking by way of music holding a BA in Music Education from The University of North Carolina, Greensboro and MM from NYU's Steinhardt School.  She has served as an adjunct voice professor at both NYU Steinhardt and The College of Saint Elizabeth (CSE).  She was honored to direct a production of The Crucible during her time at CSE. She has been an invited panelist at The Chelsea Film Festival, The Louisiana Film Festival & Mentorship program and The New Haven Film Festival.  Mello has also presented workshops at Seton Hall University as well as The University of Richmond.   Education and the arts have always been at the core of Mello's life calling. Get your work out into the world! We need you!