So what is the Holistic Filmmaker?

Great question! Glad you asked you smarty pants you!

Here's the thing guys. You can't make films if your personal life is all over the place! That's where the Film Interchange Holistic Filmmaker comes in! Think of FI like the big sister you always wanted to be...but you were too busy making a mess with your Playdoe (aka: personal finances) and eating your Playdoe (aka: not taking the best care of your health) and smearing your Playdoe on the back of the church pew (aka: really not paying any attention to your spirit!) 

Look to this page for webinars, tips, offers and referrals to round out...YOU! When you're HOLE you make incredible, life altering, mind boggling films! 

Coming up On April 13th, Film Interchange partners with Ashley Feinstein of the Fiscal Femme to bring you...


Ever wonder, “Where is all my money going?

Or notice that you never have any money left over to save?

Maybe you are sick of living paycheck-to-paycheck or are stressed out because you aren’t sure if you’ll be able to pay off your credit card this month.

You are not alone! I’ve noticed there is a saving epidemic. No one is actually saving. It doesn’t matter if you are earning a couple thousand a month or millions, saving is a learned practice. Via the 30 Day Money Cleanse, I will empower you to make conscious and intentional financial decisions that maximize your happiness and save you money.

After the 0 Day Money Cleanse, you will have a customized plan that works with your lifestyle, doesn’t feel restricting and puts you on track to reach your biggest savings goals!

And guess what? It is not even going to be hard. What I share with you will actually make the process clear, simple and dare I say, easy!

- Ashley Feinstein of The Fiscal Femme